Newsletter Sponsorship

Write the Docs is a community focused on all things related to software documentation. Our newsletter is a monthly update for all the folks in our community. Sponsorship of the newsletter does two things:

  • It allows us to cover the cost of producing the newsletter for our community
  • It allows you to get your name and message in front of our audience of Documentarians

You can see our newsletter archives to get a better idea of the content that we produce.


Our audience is made up of technical writers and decision makers in the software documentation industry. The current newsletter stats are:

  • Over 5,000 subscribers
  • 37% open rate
  • 6% click rate
  • 70% of subscribers are based in the United States

We don’t have specific demographic data for our newsletter, but our conferences are made up of:

  • Technical Writers (60%)
  • Developers (10%)
  • Support Staff (10%)
  • Managers (10%)
  • Community Contributors, Enthusiasts & Other Folks (10%)


We publish the newsletter 10 times a year. The months that we skip are January and August. In January we do a community update, which goes to the same list and has the same sponsorship opportunities.


The introductory price for reaching our audience is $250 per month. This offer will end after the sponsorship of our October 2019 newsletter, and we will adjust pricing based on feedback from sponsors.


Please email us at in order to purchase a newsletter sponsorship.