Community-Run Events

We are happy to promote events that are independently organized by members of our community. They are not officially organized by Write the Docs organizers, but they are related events with similar goals and values.

Types of Events

We have a few different type of events:

  • Official Conferences, which are organized by our team
  • Meetups, which are organized by local members of the community
  • Community-Run Conferences, which are organized by members of our community, but for more specific topics or regions


In order to be listed as a community-run event, we require a few things. This is primarily to make sure people understand who is organizing the event, and to make sure companies can’t run events inside our community for their own profit.

Community events:

  • Must target Write the Docs community members, not be an event that has it’s own community around it
  • Must specify they are not official Write the Docs events, but must link back to Write the Docs as a refenence to the community
  • Must have a Code of Conduct
  • Must have multiple organizers from more than one company, and organizers must be listed on the website