Projects needed for Writing Day!

Projects needed for Writing Day!

Dear open source friends,

Send us your developer advocates, community managers, and projects. Tell them of Writing Day and invite them to join us!

If the first time you’re hearing about the Write the Docs conference or you’re unfamiliar with Writing Day, we got you:

  • Write the Docs is the conference focused on all things related to software documentation
  • Writing Day is modeled after the concept of “code sprints” or “hackathons”, which are common in open-source conferences – getting a bunch of people together and have them work towards a shared goal, such as creating or improving documentation.

The Write the Docs conference has many enthusiastic attendees. These attendees, documentarians, want to learn new technologies, sharpen their skills, and add to their portfolios. The world of open source has a seemingly endless number of wonderful open source projects. Documentarians want to write the docs, your open source project docs.

It’s a match made at Write the Docs!

Get involved with Writing Day!

Ready to get involved?! Submit your project and we’ll add it to our Writing Day project list.

Need help convincing your OSS project community or corporate benefactors on the benefits of attending Writing Day? See Make a case for Writing Day.

Writing Day resources

We want you to have a great experience as a project and community. We know that preparing for conferences takes time and effort, so we put together some info to help you maximize your Writing Day experience

Final thoughts

Writing Day is awesome and we hope to see you there!

You can email us at with any questions.

Rose W and the Write the Docs organizing team <3