Announcing speakers and talks

Announcing speakers and talks

Greetings, documentarians! Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve finalized our speakers for the next virtual Atlantic conference!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to send us a proposal – we literally wouldn’t have an event without you!

Full speaker line-up

Every year, we look to bring a wide range of voices to the Write the Docs stage. Because the role of “documentarian” looks so different to each of us, we aim for a line-up that spans a good mix of practical, philosophical, and technical topics – as well as some that cater to experts in the field and some that cater to beginners. We hope you’re as excited about our program as we are!

  • Eric Zrinsky: Clicks Without Limits: Content Design for Everyone, Everywhere
  • Manny Silva: RAGs to Riches: How Our Content Affects Retrieval Augmented Generation
  • Chloe Guttmann: From morphemes to manuscripts: How linguistics can make you a better writer
  • Ali D: What’s in a Word? Lessons from Localizing Kubernetes Documentation to Arabic
  • Kruno Golubić: Welcome to the World of Technical Writing: A Guide for Newcomers
  • Oisín FitzGerald: Pull it together! How we unified software and hardware documentation to create a consistent user experience.

Head over to the Speakers page to see the full abstracts. We hope there’s something there for everyone to enjoy, and also something that will broaden your horizons a bit.

Tickets are going fast!

If you don’t have your ticket yet, now’s a great time to snap one up. Conference tickets have sold out for the last several years, and they go faster along with the speaker announcement, so if you’re planning to come, don’t leave it to the last minute.

We will close registrations around one week before the conference, to give folks enough time to set up their conference platform (TBD) credentials.

Buy your tickets here!

Grant program still open

Just a friendly reminder that our grant program is still open for application. We’re excited to be able to offer free tickets to a larger number of people, since there are no travel costs involved in attending a virtual event.

You can apply until August 1st, 2024 on our website.

Thanks to our sponsors

We are so grateful to have our sponsors help in bringing our events to life every year.

Head over to our sponsorship prospectus for details on how your company can get involved! We have several types of sponsorship available.

Stay tuned for more details in the next week about the schedule and other activities. We hope you’re all getting as excited as we are!

The Write the Docs Team