What is Writing Day?

What is Writing Day?

The Writing Day event gives open-source project owners a chance to get some help on their project’s documentation needs or their documentation-related projects. The project’s maintainers usually prepare simple, modular activities that people can participate in to get introduced to the project and make a meaningful contribution.

How to participate in our Writing Day activities

Step 1: Join our table and say hi!

Introduce yourself and tell us why you’re interested in helping our project today! You are welcome to talk to us only using the room’s chat function, but we would prefer to have you join the stage and share your audio/video if you are comfortable doing so. It’s a little easier for us to interact with people on video, but chat is also fine!

Step 2: Join a workshop and participate

We’ll offer different workshops throughout the day. Depending on which workshop you join during the day, you might have different links to materials like Miro boards or GitHub pull requests depending which workshop activity we’re working on.

Step 3: Get some swag

If you participate in at least one workshop, you’ll receive a link to a form where you can share your mailing address to get some swag. All participants will get some Good Docs Project stickers!