Welcome to Write the Docs Europe

Write the Docs Europe 2015 is just around the corner! Here are some last-minute updates and a few tips and tricks to help your planning.


Just a reminder to check out the Schedule page for a complete list of all our events and activities before, during, and after the conference.

The location closing meetup hosted by our friends at Elastic is now confirmed, and we’re excited about it! We will gather at 7 PM at the amazing JazzDock music bar-on-a-boat, across the river from the main conference venue. Drinks, snacks, and an informal introduction to Elastic will be provided.

Visiting Prague

If you still need some information about traveling to Prague, where to stay, or how to get around, check out our Visiting Prague page for practical information.

Reminder: The currency in Czech Republic is Koruna (CZK). Exchange offices are available at the train station, airport, and various locations around the city.

How to Enjoy Write the Docs

Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you make the most out of the conference:

Plan a lightning talk

We’ll have lightning talks each day after lunch. These are 5 minute presentations and a lot of fun. They can be about anything you want. This is your chance to share something you are passionate about with the audience. Slides are not required, we will post a sign-up sheet each morning where you can pitch your talk.

Come to the party on Monday night

This is a private party just for conference attendees. Plan to attend so you can get to know folks in the community. We’ll be at The PUB Praha 1 with a bunch of awesome free food and drinks.

Follow the Code of Conduct

We have a wonderful community full of diverse and amazing people. We expect everyone to behave in a respectful manner at all conference events. Our code of conduct boils down to “Be excellent to each other”, but the full text is also available. Our cell phone numbers and email addresses are on that page if you ever need to contact us.

Coffee, breakfast, and lunch are provided

Don’t worry about coffee before you come to the conference on Monday or Tuesday. Coffee and breakfast are served at 9:00, and the conference starts at 9:45.

Use the hash tag #writethedocs

Twitter is a great way to communicate at events. If you arrive to Prague early and want to find others, use the hash tag or tweet at @writethedocs. We can point you to something good.

Get excited!

This is the second year of Write the Docs Europe, and our community is growing. We have a fantastic venue in a beautiful city, and lots of interesting talks. Come ready to meet other people in the community, and have a great time.

Latest Sponsors

We’re happy to welcome our latest sponsors:

See you all in Prague!