September 18 - 20 in Prague, Czech Republic

Announcing Ticket Sales and Call for Proposals

Write the Docs Europe 2016 is five months away and we’re excited to open ticket sales and put out the call for talk proposals!

Write the Docs Europe will be happening in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 18-20, 2016.

We’ve got a brand new venue, Auto Klub, and are preparing an awesome lineup of documentation talks. Read on for more details on the conference, as well as the exciting auxiliary activities leading up to the main event.

The Conference

If you’ve been to Write the Docs before, you know that you’re in for some of most thought-provoking and inspirational days of your professional year. And if you haven’t been yet, join us! We’d hate for you to miss out!

Every year we assemble a group of exceptional speakers to discuss the art and science of documentation. You’ll learn about the latest in documentation tools, tech writing theory, content delivery, and more. In the past, we’ve had talks on topics ranging from poetry to continuous deployment, from typography to API reviews.

Write the Docs Europe will be happening in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 18-20, 2016.

In addition to the conference itself, we have a host of auxiliary events to round out your Write the Docs experience.

Auxiliary events

Write the Docs is so much more than a conference—it’s a rare and golden opportunity for documentarians to interact with our community in-person. Every year we organize a handful of side events to augment the main conference, making it easier for attendees to get to know each other.

All of these events are optional, but we’d strongly recommend you come into town Saturday or early Sunday so you can participate.

This year, our auxiliary events will include:

  • Visit Prague (Saturday Daytime TBC) — Join us on a special visit of beautiful Prague.
  • Writing Day (Sunday Daytime) — Kicking things off the day before the conference, our Writing Day is all about, y’know, writing the docs! Meet up with your fellow documentarians either to collaborate on your own projects or contribute to open source projects like Wordpress or the Mozilla Developer Network. This is an awesome opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from your peers.
  • Conference Reception (Sunday Night) — Come early, pick up your badge, and get to know other attendees.
  • Official Party (Monday Night) — Wind down and discuss the first day’s talks in a relaxed and friendly environment.


We believe that everyone who cares about this topic has a place at our event. We keep ticket prices low so that it is accessible to the widest range of people possible.

This year, our ticket prices will ensure that the absolute cost of the conference is covered, with revenue from sponsorships used to extend the conference and make it substantially more awesome.

If you can’t afford these prices and still wish to attend, please email us at, and we can work on getting you reduced price tickets.

Ticket Sales

As with the previous years, we have tiered pricing to make it fair for everyone. Please buy the ticket that best fits your situation.

Tickets are on sale now. Buy them now.

Corporate Tickets

Purchase this ticket if a company is paying for your attendance. Companies interested in sponsorship can also receive tickets to the conference with a sponsorship package.

  • €150 Corporate Early Bird (Limit 25)
  • €200 Corporate

Independent Tickets

Purchase this ticket if you are paying for yourself, work at a non-profit, or at a company with less than 10 employees.

  • €75 Independent Early Bird (Limit 25)
  • €100 Independent

Call for Proposals

Every year, Write the Docs invites people from all across our community to come up on stage to share their insights and experience. Whether you’ve been writing documentation for decades or you’ve just started this year, we want to hear from you!

You can read our full Call for Proposals on the website. The Call for Proposals will be open until June 3 this year.


Our conference wouldn’t be possible without our amazing sponsors. If you would like more information on sponsorship, please email us at

Our first round of sponsors this year are:

Thanks so much for making Write the Docs possible!

Get excited!

We’ve been so thrilled to see how much this community of documentarians has grown over the last few years. This year is shaping up to be another fantastic experience for writers, programmers, designers, and all those out there who write the docs.

Cheers, Write the Docs Team