Announcing our Call for Proposals

Announcing our Call for Proposals

We’re all pretty excited about Write the Docs Portland 2017, which means it is an excellent time to announce the call for proposals for Write the Docs Prague 2017, which is a little under five months away!

Every year, Write the Docs invites people from all across our community to come up on stage to share their insights and experience. Whether you’ve been writing documentation for decades or you’ve just started, we want to hear from you!

The Call for Proposals, has a couple of changes this year, we’re making all talks 30 minutes long, and we’re also taking proposals for unconference sessions!

Speaking at Write the Docs is a fantastic way to share your ideas with our inspiring community of documentarians. If there is something you’d really like to see a talk on this year, submit a proposal on it, or refer someone else who would be good!

You can read our full Call for Proposals on the website. The Call for Proposals will be open until Midnight PST 31st May this year.

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