Announcing Keynotes, Initial Sponsors, and a Proposal Reminder

The conference is now less than three months away, so I hope you’re getting ready for what will be another great Write the Docs in lovely Portland, Oregon!

The Early Bird tickets have sold out. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased a ticket. We do expect the conference to sell out fully, so buy your tickets today.

Keynote Speakers

In previous years, we’ve opted not to include keynote talks. As the community and conference have developed, however, we’ve noticed something: we have programmers who care about docs and writers who care about tech. We collectively call these folks documentarians. We thought we’d change things up this year by offering one keynote talk from each of these camps.

Ward Cunningham

Our first keynote speaker is Ward Cunningham. Ward is the creator of the wiki and has one of the longest views on how the web is used of anyone in the world. He will be speaking about his view of content on the web and how it’s shaping his latest project, the Federated Wiki.

Marcia Johnston

Our second keynote speaker is Marcia Johnston. Marcia is the author of multiple books on writing well and speaks on the topic at conferences around the country. She will be speaking about how to make sure the words you write are actually understood by your readers. A member of our community since the first conference, Marcia will help us all become better writers once again.

More information about these talks can be found on the website.

Call for Proposals Reminder

There is still time to submit your talk to Write the Docs!

Our community is full of amazing people, and we’d love to have you come and share your experiences with us.

We will be announcing the conference program on March 15th.

Initial Sponsors

The conference wouldn’t be nearly as amazing without our sponsors. They help us provide all the extras that make the event delightful. Thanks to our initial sponsors:

If you’re interested in sponsoring, send us an email.


We are putting the finishing touches on all the other aspects of the event. Expect to hear more about the hike, writing day, party, reception, and more in the next few weeks. This year is going to be the best yet, so don’t miss it.