Welcome to Write the Docs

Hello Documentarians,

The conference is just around the corner. Just a few notes to help your planning:

  • When you get in Sunday, join us at CENTRL Office. The Writing Day is from 9am-6pm, immediately followed by the reception from 6pm-9pm. Both events are at CENTRL Office. Here’s a map of the location. You can pick up your badge and enjoy a couple of drinks on us. This is a great chance to meet your fellow documentarians before the conference starts.
  • Follow the Code of Conduct. We have a wonderful community full of diverse and amazing people. We expect everyone to behave in a respectful manner at all conference events. Our code of conduct boils down to “Be excellent to each other”, but the full text is also available. Our cell phone numbers and email addresses are on that page if you ever need to contact us.
  • Plan a lightning talk. We’ll have lightning talks each day after lunch. These are 5 minute presentations and a lot of fun. They can be about anything you want. This is your chance to share something you are passionate about with the audience. Slides are not required.
  • Plan a discussion. We’ll be running the Unconference] in the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday. Want to chat with like-minded folks about a very specific thing? This is the place. We’ll have a sign-up board so you know what’s happening, and supplies to help you brainstorm.
  • Come to the party on Monday night. This is a private party just for conference attendees. Plan to attend so you can get to know folks in the community. We’ll be at TILT with a bunch of awesome free food and drinks.
  • Coffee, breakfast, and lunch are provided. Don’t worry about coffee before you come to the conference on Monday or Tuesday. Coffee and breakfast are served at 8:15, and the conference starts at 9.
  • Use the hash tag #writethedocs. Twitter is a great way to communicate at events. If you arrive into Portland early and want to find others, use the hash tag or tweet at @writethedocs. We can point you to something good.
  • Get excited. This is the third year of Write the Docs, and our community is growing. We have a fantastic venue in a beautiful city, and lots of interesting talks. Come ready to meet other people in the community, and have a great time.

See you soon!