Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our conference is run by a dedicated team consisting mostly of volunteers. This page outlines the folks who are helping get things done, and what their roles are.


Mikey Ariel

Mikey is the documentation czar for Write the Docs in Europe. She is an avid dancer as well as singer, and has probably traveled across more of Europe than you have. Mikey is a senior technical writer at Red Hat living in Prague.

Samuel Wright

Sam has been organizing Write the Docs conferences for even more than a few years now. He lives in Berlin unless he’s off to a conference or death metal festival somewhere. Sam works at EngFlow, and is into making computers do the boring bits of writing docs so he can work on the fun bits.

Eric Holscher

Eric is one of the cofounders of Write the Docs, and also one of the cofounders of the Read the Docs documentation platform. He is the primary chair of the Portland conference, and loves to talk all things docs :)

Sasha Romijn

Sasha is a Django and Python developer, and is our inclusivity, diversity, and well-being champion. Based in Amsterdam but traveling throughout Europe, Sasha has been sharing insight and helping communities and individuals become better versions of themselves, as well as co-authoring positive projects such as Happiness Packets and the “Less Obvious Conference Checklist”.

Primary Roles

  • Conference chair - Mikey Ariel
  • Code of conduct response - See code of conduct page
  • Speaker coordinator - Samuel Wright
  • Unconference coordinator - Mikey Ariel
  • Lightning Talk coordinator - Emily Axel
  • Infrastructure coordinator - Sasha Romijn
  • Swag coordinator - Mikey Ariel
  • Communication coordinator - Mikey Ariel
  • Job Fair coordinator - Sasha Romijn
  • Welcome Wagon coordinators - Daniel Beck, Andrea Szollossi, Kat Stoica Ostenfeld
  • Sponsorship coordinator - Eric Holscher
  • Writing Day coordinator - Mikey Ariel
  • Emcee - Kate Osadchenko
  • Q&A coordinator - Jessica Ulyate
  • Social media coordinator - Mikey Ariel

You can read descriptions of all the roles in our Event Roles doc.