There exists a group of documentarians in the world. Up until this point, they haven’t had a central place to meet each other, and coalesce into a community. We are providing the space to allow this to happen, both in person and online.

The time for all technical people to care about documentation is now. We’ve lived too long with awful instructions for the tools we use everyday. People should demand solid instruction of things that they use.


Documentation is how you share your creations with the world. If you want people to benefit from your work, they have to be able to use it. Help me, help you. Do something and change something.

We believe it should be easy for people to start writing documentation. There should be straight-forward guides to getting started with good tools.


People who want to learn should be given the best possible tools for this job. We want to raise the standard of documentation to make it easier for people to learn about the things they want to do.

We believe that there should be best practices around documentation. They should be simple, concise and easy to follow practical guidelines.

We believe that knowledge should be available to all people, regardless of their language of choice. Documentation should be written in a way that allows it to be translated easily