Documentarians and Support: Work Better Together


Do you know what the support agents are doing over in their corner? It’s not all cat gifs and angry users. There’s real value to be found in working together with your support team. They are a direct line to your users!

It can definitely be difficult to bridge this gap between disciplines, but your goals are 100% the same: help the customer do The Thing. Because support literally spends all day talking to customers, they have a ton of amazing data about the effectiveness of documentation, and the tasks customers are trying to accomplish.

Building a better relationship with your support team will help you build a better relationship with your users. I’ve seen first hand how coordination drives a well executed user experience all the way from self service to hands-on support. Work together better and see tangible results in your user happiness!

In this talk, I’ll show you: · the value of having support and technical writing aligned · how to break down the silos between teams and work effectively together · how to access and use the glorious data that support is already collecting · the metrics that matter for support-led user assistance

  • Conference: Write the Docs EU
  • Year: 2016

About the speaker

Sarah Chambers