Feedback handling, community wrangling, panhandling


Feedback is a big deal. As tech writers we want to receive adultation when the docs rock, or constructive criticism when there is cleanup required. Or EVEN BETTER, we want the engineers/community members/reddit readers/clowns giving the feedback to come on board and help fix the problems.

But. Actually tweaking the signal to noise ratio to something useful is really difficult. Especially when you are curating a site as enormous as MDN, the content of which is open licensed, multilingual, and open for public editing.

In this talk, MDN writer Chris Mills discusses topics such as how to choose the right feedback mechanism(s) for your situation, how to stem the torrent and get the right kind of feedback and contributions (actually useful), effective begging, stealing and borrowing, and how to balance being firm and keeping control of your product with being diplomatic and being able to sleep at night.

  • Conference: Write the Docs EU
  • Year: 2016

About the speaker

Chris Mills