Watch that tone! Creating an information experience in the Atlassian voice


Two years ago, Atlassian had no consistent voice guidelines across its content channels and product suite, creating a disjointed brand experience. Today, our Information Experience writers now own the Atlassian voice and tone, and are teaching everyone from developers, product managers, designers, and marketers how to voicify their content.

In this talk, Sarah Karp (Information Experience Team Lead) will answer the following questions:

  • What is the Atlassian voice?
  • Why is a consistent voice important?
  • How can you apply voice and tone to a piece of UI copy?

Along the way, Sarah will share ways in which the Information Experience writers have applied voicify guidelines across the entire organization. She'll also share a couple of lessons on voice and tone gone wrong and how to learn from those mistakes.

At the end of the talk, you'll come away with an understanding of why successful products have a distinctive voice and tone. You'll also come away with great examples of voice and tone wins (and fails), and practical tips about how to create voicify guidelines for writers and non-writers alike.

  • Conference: Write the Docs EU
  • Year: 2016

About the speaker

Sarah Karp