Documentation, Disrupted How Two Technical Writers Changed Google Engineering Culture, Built a Team, Made Powerful Friends, And Got Their Mojo Back


Last year, we were inspired to action by a presentation at Write the Docs. This talk will tell the story of what happened next: how, in two quarters, we worked with a small self-forming team of amazing writers and engineers to build a platform in six months is well on the way to becoming a part of the standard Google engineering workflow. We’ll share how that platform transformed our role as technical writers and our relationship with engineering. We’ ll cover design and implementation details, but we’ll also talk about our experience - how we learned that being audacious (but not reckless), focused (but open and generous), and unafraid could revitalize our whole approach to work and save us from burnout.

We'll talk about our ever-growing appetite for disruption: How it changed beyond recognition our relationships with engineers, fellow writers, and senior leadership, making us fall in love again with our roles as documentarians.

  • Conference: Write the Docs NA
  • Year: 2015

About the speaker

Riona MacNamara