Atlassian: My Information Experience Adventure


Come with me on a journey and learn how Atlassian went from the traditional "Technical Writing" team, to the Information Experience team. What began as a simple challenge to the Atlassian Technical Writing team, to make quality and success measurable and repeatable, grew into a journey to create a "cradle to grave" Information Experience. And we're just getting started. During the last two Write the Docs I've given a lightning talk, Write Measure Repeat, which covers one very small part of the change we've undergone. This year I'd like to tell the rest of a story, which is some of the most exciting work I've done in my career. I'll talk about the process of creating and growing a writing culture which is technically accurate, writes with a human voice, and connects to every other part of the information experience. While talking everyone through the journey I'll be sure to cover specific examples of using content strategy, user research, data analytics and a touch of team process. All this with a bit of humor and a passion which is obvious to anyone who's ever met me.

Main points I'll touch on:

  • How we worked through resistance to change.
  • What Information Experience means to us and why it's not just a fancy title.
  • Moving from the Quality Assistance team to the Design team win's, frustrations, hopes.
  • Building a better site with Confluence and considering/using other tools. Light on the tools part here, just covering the visual change and referencing how we did the actual tooling changes.
  • What this means to me and what I hope we're beginning to see in the tech comm world.
  • Conference: Write the Docs NA
  • Year: 2016

About the speaker

Daniel Stevens