We’re not in Kansas anymore: How to find courage while following the Technical Doc Road


In order to be an effective technical writer, you must carry an entire cast of characters in your head. So many, in fact, that you might feel like you need help from a great and powerful wizard just to keep up. You already have a Brain, full of technical knowledge and communication skills. You already have a Heart, open to forging alliances with your co-workers, teammates, and SMEs. If you only had the Nerve, so that you could carve out just the right place for you and your documentation and become the king of the how-to jungle.

From a new(er) writer to new (and experienced) writers, this presentation offers strategies for fostering courage in technical documentation. I will share the methods that fortified me while working on my first tech docs, some game plans for staying bold that I used as I gained more experience, and the secret I discovered about cultivating courage no matter where you are in your tech writing career.

  • Conference: Write the Docs NA
  • Year: 2016

About the speaker

Christy Lutz