Building Empathy-Driven Developer Documentation


Ever lie awake at night wondering, How do we know if our documentation is any good? What does “good” mean, anyway? Well, you’re not alone - but the good news is, there’s a way to find out! The secret lies in caring about your developers and actively working to learn how your docs serve them (or don’t!)

In this talk, I’ll share the story of Twilio’s journey toward empathy-driven documentation. By leveraging direct user feedback, user experience research, and constantly testing the effectiveness of the docs you provide, you can learn how your users work with (and wish they could work with) your docs.

Along the way I’ll share a few tips about what worked well for us, what ideas didn’t pan out, and some of the documentation principles we’re now sold on.

  • Conference: Write the Docs PORTLAND
  • Year: 2018

About the speaker

Kat King