Document Yourself: Practical Tips for a Low(er)-Stress Portfolio


In a tech writer’s career, creating and maintaining a great portfolio is as important as it is stressful. What belongs in there? What constitutes your "best work"? What if all your work is proprietary? Do you really need a portfolio if you have a great job?

Building a portfolio is an exercise in documenting yourself: your writing, your skill, your journey as a professional. Like any other kind of documentation, it isn't easy or intuitive to create something great. And like any other kind of documentation, it's worth doing the hard work to get it right.

In this talk, I cover:

  • Why you need a portfolio even if you have a stable job
  • How to create a well-rounded portfolio and decide what's your best work
  • Strategies for adding proprietary work (legally!)
  • Options to present it that aren't just a series of email attachments

  • Conference: Write the Docs PORTLAND
  • Year: 2018

About the speaker

Erin Grace