Collaborating with teams on content strategy planning: pitfalls and best practices


I want to discuss the pitfalls and best practices/workarounds of planning a content strategy and importance of finding the right approach, tone, and voice of your content when collaborating with teams of developers, designers, and product owners from the standpoint of a technical writer and content designer.

What can go wrong when you don't plan properly? How to find a balance between consistency and multiple decision-making points? How to plan and distribute resources to reach short-term and long-term content goals? How do synergy and transparent communications within teams help to secure a delivery process?

We will look into the process of identifying, planning, and implementing a content strategy in situations when there is no clear existing one and how to make your planning and implementation process smoother and more organized.

  • Conference: Write the Docs Portland
  • Year: 2020

About the speaker

Kateryna Osadchenko