Document What Matters: Lean Best Practice for Process Documentation


As a Lean Trainer and Manager in service industries, I work with all kinds of teams to help them use process mapping to document their processes. Sifting through binders of documentation, pages of screenshots, and step‐by‐step explanations can be time consuming and awkward, and large quantities of documentation are time consuming to keep up to date. System updates would quickly render screenshots obsolete, and teams were quickly getting overwhelmed, giving up on documentation entirely. I started to apply my lean expertise to the art of process mapping, putting together a best practice toolkit to maintain a minimalist approach to documenting processes.

We'll discuss best practice in process mapping for:

  • visual instruction in user guides and how‐to’s
  • mapping process at high levels, avoiding getting bogged down in detail
  • assessing possible failure points to anticipate customer pain points (to manage through customer documentation)
  • Conference: Write the Docs Prague
  • Year: 2018

About the speaker

Gillian von Runte