Seeing your docs through different eyes: Mapping doc users’ experiences


Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure our docs are accurate, up to date, and well written that we don't have time to see how they look from an outside perspective. In this talk, I'll run through how you can gain valuable insight into your docs by mapping the journeys of the people who use your docs.

Customer journey mapping provides a useful framework for thinking about how users of your docs actually experience their interactions. It involves thinking about how your docs fit within users' work and what you can do to maximize their good feelings when their journey touches your docs.

To give you a better idea of the process, I'll present the example of what we learned while mapping at Kentico Cloud. Our process was very useful for us and consisted of several steps:

  1. Gather information about who reads our docs.
  2. Create personas for our readers.
  3. Meet and go through the journey as each persona.
  4. Act on the insights.

I hope that by seeing this example and what we gained from it, you'll be able to see how useful it can be to set aside time to try to see your docs from someone else's point of view.

  • Conference: Write the Docs PRAGUE
  • Year: 2019

About the speaker

Aaron Collier