Bake a Little Documentation Love into Your Product


That little bit of extra love and care is what turns a dessert into a delight. So what about your product? Why not bake some of that sweet, sweet documentation right in?

Together, we'll learn that the perfect blend of product and documentation creates even more value to your users, teammates, and organization by making your content the icing on the cake. Here's why: - Dotting your UI with help content creates an intuitive flow of information for your users - Baking documentation into your product development process ensures it's viewed as essential to your team's success - Mixing answers to common questions into your app experience helps leaders reduce support burden and increase the perceived value of your product

I'll share the recipe my team followed to whip up a new app with documentation baked in. We'll walk through steps like: 1. Pre-measure the ingredients for a rich user information experience 2. With designers at room temperature, gently fold UI and documentation content together 3. Separate portions of content for reuse and spread within your product and help center 4. Write text for UI and long form documentation together until the experience is solid 5. For extra value, sprinkle marketing content with documentation to taste

Feeling inspired, hungry, or both? Let's head to the content kitchen and create something spectacular.

  • Conference: Write the Docs Prague
  • Year: 2020

About the speaker

Matt Reiner