Helping Your Community Contribute to Developer Documentation


How to encourage and help your community to contribute to your developer documentation? In this session, Diana Lakatos shows you various — fully remote — processes platformOS developed to help community members contribute content and code to their UKTC Award-winning developer portal.


  • How the platformOS team developed a fully remote editorial workflow that everyone can be a part of (developers, writers, product owners, etc.)
  • Why they follow the docs as code approach and how they implemented it through GitHub
  • How they facilitate the contribution of code and content
  • How they continuously improve contributor experience and reward contributions


  • How they iteratively developed their Documentation Style Guide and how they use it
  • How they help contributors by providing templates for specific types of content (concept topics, tutorials, etc.)
  • Why they chose the Markdown format and how they use it


  • How they communicate with community members
  • How they collect and use feedback from their community for all aspects of their documentation (content, design, navigation, etc.)
  • How they encourage people to write who are otherwise not confident in their writing skills or don’t enjoy writing
  • Conference: Write the Docs Prague
  • Year: 2020

About the speaker

Diana Lakatos