How to be an Avante-Garde Guinea Pig: Building Better Content through Experimentation, Community-building, and Loud Squeaks


We're a couple of Docs Geeks with a story about how our cross-functional team scratched out a wholistic technical content strategy. With few resources, but a lot of curiosity, enthusiasm, and scrappiness, we've seen some pretty awesome results.

We'll cover the ways we identified problems with technical content in our organization, defined and implemented a strategy to improve it, celebrated successes along the way, and how we're now keeping up momentum as new challenges arise.

We'll talk about our principles, to inspire others looking for change:

− Be social - Create your vision & strategy as a team

− Be loud - Tell your story to influencers and other teams

− Be scrappy - Prove your value and defend your vision

− Be curious - Take on new technology and approaches

− Be avante-garde guinea pigs - Dream big and try everything!

  • Conference: Write the Docs Prague
  • Year: 2020

About the speaker

Jessica Valasek Estenssoro

Arthur D'Herbemont