ADHD and its impact on the Creative Process for Writers




Tyler was diagnosed with ADHD at 27 years old; 3 years later, and having moved from a reactive Technical Support position into a creative and proactive Technical Writing position, he discovered many ways in which his ADHD interacts with his creative process. When comparing with other Technical Writers, especially those who are “neuro-typical”, he noticed that his productivity levels were significantly impacted - whilst other people put out a steady stream of work over time, he found that he spent a lot of time ruminating over details and research before a massive spike in productivity where all of the “measurable” metrics would spike too.

Realizing that this was significant, he took this thought process to a group of colleagues who identify as neuro-diverse, and to his surprise, many of them identified heavily with the situation and the attached feelings. He explored them with those colleagues, as well as several other trusted people, and he would like to share the findings with you.

Come and explore this topic with Tyler, where he’ll aim to help your understanding of:

  • The impact of ADHD on the creative writing process
  • Differences in the “neuro-typical” writing process and the “neuro-diverse” process
  • Managing an ADHD writer
  • How to view measurable metrics in a supportive manner for ADHD employees
  • Conference: Write the Docs Prague
  • Year: 2022

About the speaker

Tyler Smith