Improve Customer Adoption with UI Help




In today's busy environment, not every customer has the time to migrate from UI to doc site to read a doc, when they are stuck. This may lead to customer not using a complex feature which might actually be very useful and a great revenue generator to the organization.

In this presentation, I present a customer adoption technique by use of UI based help. UI based help is not the same as context sensitive help nor does it refer to the traditional hard-coded tooltips created by developers. UI based help refers to various attractive, attention grabbing methods of presenting content to the users on the UI itself thus negating the need to go to the documentation site each time they are stuck.

Does that mean that the traditional style of documentation would be completely be replaced? certainly Not. UI based help is generally crisp and serves a specific purpose. For example, UI based help can be used to explain a specific field on the UI which could otherwise be difficult to understand, a flow which explains (in brief) how to use a new feature with a few clicks, an announcement (new release, new feature, new investor, new acquisition etc), a survey and so on.

In this presentation, I will explain the various types of UI based help that technical writers can use to help improve the customer adoption, thus benefiting the organization.

  • Conference: Write the Docs Prague
  • Year: 2022

About the speaker

Prashant Mathapathi