Learning Resources


Our monthly Newsletter & Mailing lists aggregates the latest discussions about topics that our documentarians care about.


All the presentation videos are available on YouTube so that you can catch up on the content even if you can’t attend the conferences.


The Podcast is brought to you by our community members and highlights some of the discussions and stories that happen at our various events and online spaces.

Documentation Guide

This guide exists to provide both novice and expert writers a best practice handbook for building, structuring, and writing software documentation.

You can check out the Documentation Guide here.

Organizer Guide

A set of resources for folks who want to organize a Write the Docs Meetup, Conference, or Event.

You can check out the Organizer Guide here.

Guide to Hiring and Getting Hired

This is a growing set of resources for those who want to hire or be hired as a documentarian.

You can check out the Guide to Hiring and Getting Hired here.