Guide to Hiring and Getting Hired

Welcome! This guide aims to help those looking to hire documentarians find the perfect candidate, and to help job-seeking documentarians find the perfect position. Its content focuses on tricky points in the process of hiring a documentarian.

A great place to start on your hiring or job-seeking journey is by posting to or browsing the job board. Check it out over at

Community Spotlight

These interviews are meant to be a resource for new documentarians looking to gain insight into the work of technical writing by sharing the stories of our diverse community. Each interview tells the story of one community member and what they’ve learned over the course of their career so far, along with providing some practical advice for new documentarians.

If you are willing to share your story with the community, you can contact

Consulting and freelancing

The pages in this section offer suggestions for things to consider when starting out and document templates to help you plan your business. It is designed to guide you through planning your freelance business step by step.

The templates are provided as Google Docs. View Google’s help center for information on copying and downloading the files.