Core values and first thoughts

Your core values are guiding principles for you and your business. They help focus your business plan, and inform your business identity. The questions on this page help you identify your core values and goals.


Why do I want to freelance?


“I want to be in charge of my own time.”

What sort of work do I want to do?


“I’m a flexible tech writer, but what I really love doing is API documentation.”

How much of myself do I want in my work?


“I want to put my opinions out there and produce tech blogs with my own point of view.”
“I want to keep personal and professional separate. I want work creating documentation with a neutral tone.”

What sort of relationship do I want with my clients?


“I want to create a warm, friendly relationship with clients.”
“I prefer a formal, business-like approach to dealing with clients.”

Where do I want to work?


“I need human contact and a change of scene. I’ll look for coworking and community spaces.”
“I love peace and quiet, and do my best work alone. I’ll create a home office.”

Am I comfortable with clients in different timezones?


“I’m based in the UK but I’m a total night owl. Clients in the USA would suit me.”

What is my key motivator?


“I want to create quality work that I am proud to put my name to.”
“I need to feel I am making a positive difference in the world.”
“I want a high income.”