Business identity

Your business identity is how you position yourself in the market, and your corporate personality. It should reflect your core values, and underpin your business plan.


What type of clients do I want?


“I love the startup vibe.”

How do I present myself to the world / what is the tone of my interaction with clients?


“I want people to think of me as a polished professional.”
“I will adapt to each client’s tone.”

What do I offer my client?

Think about your value proposition. Be specialized: the clearer you are about your speciality, the easier it is to find the right clients (and for them to find you).


“I offer a complete documentation service, from tooling and project management to writing. I will remove documentation effort from your dev and support teams.”
“I have a deep understanding of education and learning. I specialize in producing tutorials and e-learning materials. I will help your customers get the most out of your product.”

What tools do I specialize in?


“I am an expert in MadCap Flare.”

What is my elevator pitch?

This is two to three sentences summarising your business specialities, value proposition and and identity.


“I’m a technical writer for software products. I reduce support load and increase customer loyalty by helping them use your product.”
“I run a women in tech blog and offer freelance writing services for tech companies. I focus on industry trends, SaaS and HR. I help my clients acquire new customers through content marketing.”