Business plan

Your business plan is the practical implementation of the values and identity


How will I get clients?


“I enjoy networking and community interaction. Personal recommendations will be a key route to work for me.”

What are my rates?

A range of factors contribute to your rates:

  • Look at market data and talk with other freelancers about what they charge.
  • Consider your costs, including: equipment, software, pension, health insurance, holidays and sick leave, professional development and training.
  • Think about unpaid and hidden elements in your job. This may include administrative tasks, such as invoicing, or professional development such as studying for new skills. Make sure your rate for your paid hours covers these unpaid tasks.
  • What do you aspire to earn? What do you need to maintain your desired lifestyle?


Cost estimate

What is my marketing plan?


“I want to work for software startups. They are primarily active on Twitter, so I will develop my Twitter presence.”
“There are local tech events supported by companies I’d like to work for. I’ll attend events and introduce myself to key employees.”
“I will create a website and find ways to drive traffic to it. I want my clients to come to me.”

Where do I want to be in X years?


“Within two years I want to have increased my rates so I can reduce my hours.”
“I want to gain a new skill every year.”
“This is a stepping stone. Within five years I want to become a tech writing tutor.”