Finding work

Communities and networking

  • Join online technical writer communities such as Write the Docs, or the communities around your tools. Be active in these communities: contribute to discussions, answer questions, attend conferences.
  • Attend local events and make contacts. Try searching for events on Meetup and Eventbrite.

Qualifications and certifications

Before pursuing qualifications, consider whether employers will value them. Choose institutions and certifications that are respected by your target clients.

Freelancer websites

Look at sites like Upwork. You may find you need to hunt actively for work initially, but over time clients start approaching you. It helps to have a specialized profile: this makes it easier for potential clients to identify you, increases client confidence, and allows you to increase your rates.

Identify flaws in documentation

When reading documentation, website copy and so on, take note of any problems. This could include missing information, poor content organisation or badly written copy. Identify someone at the company to contact: it’s best to have a specific person. You can use this email template as a guide when creating your pitch.