Use workflow templates both as your own checklist to organise your work, and as guidance for clients, especially if they are new to working with technical writers or consultants.


How will I communicate with my client?

Discuss this with each new client. Make sure you know how to get information you need, and how best to keep the client informed of your progress.


“I will provide weekly progress updates by email.”
“The client uses JIRA. I will track docs work in JIRA, so they can view my progress there.”

How will I gather the information I need?

Consider the following means of gathering info:

  • Attend sprint reviews
  • Interview SMEs (subject matter experts)
  • Access internal documentation and development artifacts (such as JIRA tickets)
  • Request product demos

How will I stay up to date on new product features?

When working on a long-term project, aim to document in small increments, rather than leaving documentation to the end of the project.


“I will attend sprint reviews to gather information, and document new features immediately.”

How can I integrate with the client’s teams?

Identify the teams you need to work with, and the best way to communicate with them. Especially on long-term projects, build work relationships in the same way you would in a permanent job.


“I have been hired to improve the docs in order to reduce support load. I will ensure someone from support reviews my work, to make sure it’s meeting their needs.”

How will I keep to the client’s schedule?