Check out the Videos, Forum, Local Meetups, and European Call for Proposals

Write the Docs NA 2015 was another fabulous event. We brought more than 350 documentarians to Portland to learn from each other and help build community.

We have a couple of updates and reminders to help you to keep in touch with the Write the Docs community all year round.

European Call for Proposals and Ticket Sales

If you loved our North American event, don’t forget that we have a European conference as well. Join us in Prague at the end of August.

The Call for Proposals ends today, and early bird tickets are already sold out. We expect this event to sell out also, so don’t wait to submit a talk or buy tickets.

Write the Docs Forum

Our forum is the best place to keep in touch with other documentarians all year round.

The forum is great for:

  • Answering questions about writing
  • Looking for a job
  • Finding a local meetup
  • Just keeping in touch

We already have 100 documentarians on the forum, so join today and keep the good vibes going all year.


We hope you continue to build the community and keep in touch with other documentarians in your home town. In this spirit, we have a number of meetups in cities across the country. If you don’t see your city listed, consider starting a meetup!

Keep us posted if you start one (or encounter a new one) so that we can spread the word.


We have videos of every talk from our conference this year. If you missed something, you can always catch it on video.

Check out previous talks, too. We’ve also recorded every talk at Write the Docs from every year.


We’re starting to plan for 2016 already. We are planning to be back in Portland in May, and will have firm dates in the next few months.

We hope to see you again next year!