Write the Docs Meetups allow for documentarians to get to know their community better. Meetup events are a great way to network and stay up to date with the documentation world.

Meetup now supports virtual events along with in-person events. Virtual events are a great opportunity to network with people in your local community as well as anyone who attends from an overlapping time zone. The events available at each Meetup depend on the organizer, their schedule, as well as the needs of their community.

Meetup organization

All of our meetups are organized by volunteers in their local communities. Each Meetup has its own unique style that varies based on the organizers and the locale it represents.

We love volunteers! If you are interested in starting a new meetup group or volunteering with an existing group, here is how you can reach out:

We have documentation available to support potential and existing organizers:

Current meetups

Anyone is welcome to join a meetup in their local community. If no local community currently exists you are more than welcome to join any meetup that works for your time zone that hosts virtual events.

If your local community isn’t listed here, let us know or add it on GitHub. We would love to add your group to our list of active meetups.


We are removing inactive Meetup groups from this page. For record keeping purposes we created a Meetup group archive page. You can find a list of paused, inactive, and archived groups there.


Organized by Swapnil Ogale