WTD Meetup announcements

This page contains updates for our Write the Docs meetup organizers as well as our community as a whole.

Updates Aug 4, 2023

In July we sent out a meetup activity survey to determine which groups are still active and need their meetup funded by Write the Docs. Here are the highlights:

  • 18 organizers responded to our survey
  • This allowed us to identify which groups are active and inactive
  • We asked organizers if they were interested in Quorum or other time zone based group opportunities

Based on the survey results, here are our next steps:

  • Create a page for inactive and archived groups
  • Shutdown inactive groups and remove their information from the Active meetups sections
  • Pause Quorum to research other time zone based options

With Quorum pausing, Alyssa Rock is transitioning from the Meetups Quorum lead to a general position on the Meetups team.