Announcing our Call for Proposals, Ticket Sales and Website

Announcing our Call for Proposals, Ticket Sales and Website

Write the Docs Portland 2017 is a little over four months away! We hope you’re getting excited – we certainly are! It’s shaping up to be another wonderful year full of great conversations and interesting talks.

Today we are announcing our Call for Proposals, ticket sales, and website. Speaking at Write the Docs is a fantastic way to share your ideas with our inspiring community of documentarians. If there is something you’d really like to see a talk on this year, submit a proposal on it, or refer someone else who would be good!

Call for Proposals

Every year, Write the Docs invites people from all across our community to come up on stage to share their insights and experience. Whether you’ve been writing documentation for decades or you’ve just started this year, we want to hear from you!

You can read our full Call for Proposals on the website. The Call for Proposals will be open until Midnight PST Febuary 10 this year.

We are trying something new this year, which is allowing folks to submit Unconference discussions on the CFP. Our goal is to seed a couple slots for each Unconference session, so that people will know at least part of the content before attending. This is an experiment, but we hope that you’ll try it out with us.


You can see our 2017 ticket prices on our Tickets page. This is the first year that we aren’t expanding the size of the event, and it’s capped at 400 people. We sold out at this size last year, so we expect to sell out even sooner this year.

We believe that everyone who cares about this topic has a place at our event. We keep ticket prices low so that it is accessible to the widest range of people possible. We have slowly raised prices over time to make the event more sustainable to run, but we still feel they are quite reasonable and below the market rate for the experience we provide.

If you can’t afford these prices and still wish to attend, please email us at, and we can work on getting you reduced price tickets.

As with the previous years, we have tiered pricing to make it fair for everyone. Please buy the ticket that best fits your situation. Tickets are on sale now.


We’re excited to introduce this friendlier, more navigable online home for our event. We have a new conference website design this year.

As with all things on the web, there are likely to be a few lingering bugs with the design. Feel free to reach out to us by replying to the email, or emailing us at if you see any issues!


We hope you will join us in Portland for the fourth annual Write the Docs North America. Whether as a speaker or attendee, you can bet it will be another delightful year.