Visiting Vilnius

Visiting Vilnius

Wondering where to stay and how to get around once you get into Vilnius?

Traveling to Vilnius

Vilnius Airport (VNO)

Vilnius can be reached via flight, bus and rail connections from most major European cities. Vilnius’s airport provides many direct and low-cost flights with airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Air Baltic.

To get from the airport to the city center, you can either take a special train “Vilnius-Airport” running regularly from Vilnius railway station. The train shuttles 16 times a day, it takes 7 minutes to arrive to the airport from the railway station. The ticket costs EUR 0.70.

Microbus company Toks transports passengers from the bus station to Vilnius airport and back by microbuses. Single ticket costs EUR 2. Bus stop is installed next to the airport terminal. City bus Buses that run to Vilnius airport from Vilnius city: No. 1 (Station-Vikingų St.- Airport), No. 2 (Station-Liepkalnio St.-Vikingų St.-Airport), No. 3G (Fabijoniškės-Centre-Airport), No. 88 (Airport-Station-Old Town-Nepriklausomybės Square) Single ticket (when purchased in a bus) costs 1 EUR

Kaunas Airport (KUN)

Kaunas airport is 1hour drive away from Vilnius and has direct shuttle to Vilnius, provided by In some cases one might find better connections via Kaunas airport.


Vilnius is a popular destination among backpackers and shoestring travelers, so there are many affordable bus options if you are traveling within Europe. Global companies like Eurolines operate direct lines to many European cities.


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How to pay for things?!

Currency and cash

Lithuania is a member of the European Union, the currency is Euro. You can bring your Euros, Dollars, Pound Sterlings with you and exchange them at various locations in the city center.

Tipping and service

Similar to most European countries, tipping culture is rather subdued in Lithuania. The more tourist-oriented restaurants will be more vocal about tips, but in most cafes, bars, and pubs it’s customary to round up the tab to a reasonable x10 or x100 number, and usually only for table service.

How to get around

Vilnius is a very accessible city and there are many transportation options available, public and otherwise.

Where to stay

We are not working with any of the hotels for attendee accommodations, but there are countless hotels and Airbnb apartments available within walking distance of the venue. Just head over to your favorite booking site or use one of these sites to research accommodation:

  • AirBnB

Where to eat

It is easy to find catering that fits your taste in Vilnius.

The typical Lithuanian cuisine, most commonly found in pub-style restaurants, is a simple meat-and-potatoes style, similar to the neighboring countries of Germany, Austria, and Poland. You can find countless Lithuanian pubs within a short walking distance of the conference venue and all about town.