Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsorship Prospectus


Write the Docs Vilnius (https://www.writethedocs.org/) is part of Write the Docs conference series. Write the Docs Vilnius is a two day conference focusing on documentation systems, tech writing theory, and information delivery.

Writing and maintaining documentation involves a multidisciplinary community of technical writers, designers, librarians, typesetters, developers, support teams, marketers and many others. This group of people can be collectively referred to as “documentarians”.

Write the Docs creates a time and a place for this community to share information, discuss ideas, and work together to improve the art and science of documentation.

For too long, people who care about documentation have felt alone in the world, not able to connect with their community. Write the Docs is a magical experience for many of our attendees, allowing them to feel like they have found their place. We believe this is the most important thing that our event can do, and we aim to provide that experience again this year, and make it better than ever.


We hold two conferences yearly, one in Portland, USA in May, and one in Prague, Europe in September. Attendance is approximately 400 in the USA and 250 in Europe, and we expect both conferences to sell out. This year we are happy to launch a brand new event in Vilnius, Lithuania, in June, with an estimated capacity of 50 attendees.

Our audience is made up of:

  • Technical Writers (50%)
  • Developers (15%)
  • Support Staff (15%)
  • Managers (10%)
  • Community Contributors, Enthusiasts & Other Folks (10%)

Why Sponsor

By supporting a Write the Docs event, your company will gain not only visibility and credibility with front-line documentarians, but also valuable insights that will help you get the most out of your own documentation efforts. If you’re hiring for docs positions, Write the Docs is also an excellent opportunity to meet top-notch talent.

Our conferences are run by teams of volunteers, and we work hard to keep ticket prices affordable for a broad range of attendees. Your sponsorship makes it possible for all sorts of documentarians to attend our events, whether they’re a freelancer, a student or out of work. Becoming a sponsor demonstrates your commitment to and support of good documentation, and the people who build it.

Sponsorship Packages

The following options are suggested sponsorship levels. We are happy to discuss adjustments and custom packages.

These package prices apply to the Vilnius conference only. Look here for prices for the Prague conference.

First Draft

The First Draft package is only available to startups (under 15 employees), non-profits, and open source organizations.

  • One (1) ticket
  • Small logo & link on the Write the Docs website
  • Name included in welcome announcement in email newsletters and social media
  • Display 1 promotional (“Swag”) item on the conference swag table (provided by sponsor)

The First Draft package costs 300 €. You can buy it directly on our ticket website.

Second Draft

The Second Draft package is great for companies looking to hire or promote a product.

  • Two (2) tickets
  • Medium logo & link on the Write the Docs website
  • Name included in welcome announcement in email newsletters and social media
  • Display 1 promotional (“Swag”) item on the conference swag table (provided by sponsor)
  • One featured job posting in our Newsletter (2,500 subscribers)

The Second Draft package costs 600 €.


The Publisher package is great for sending a team and getting to know the community.

  • Five (5) tickets
  • Large logo & link on the Write the Docs website
  • Name included in welcome announcement in email newsletters and social media
  • Display 2 promotional (“Swag”) item on the conference swag table (provided by sponsor)
  • Two featured job postings in our Newsletter (2,500 subscribers)

The Publisher package costs 1000 €.


Please direct all inquiries to our sponsorship team at:

Run of Show

An overview of the conference schedule:

  • The Writing Day is on Sunday. You are welcome to run a documentation sprint here if your documentation is open source.
  • The main conference & sponsorship day is on Monday.

How do I get the most out of my sponsorship?

Come prepared to engage with our community, and to learn just as much as you teach. Engage with our event as attendees as well as sponsors. Send technical staff who can chat with people on the interesting things your company is doing, and get value from the vast amount of insight in the room. We do have some decision makers in the room, but soft sells will work better than hard sales in the environment we strive for.

Who is my primary contact?

Eric Holscher will be your primary contact, but our team is available at sponsorship@writethedocs.org. If you have a time sensitive inquiry, please email the entire team to ensure a timely response.

What are the dates that sponsors need to know about in advance?

  • SUNDAY: The swag tables are available during the Writing Day, if you want to put out swag items early. Sponsor booths are available for setup on Sunday from 10am-4pm, but don’t need people in them yet.
  • MONDAY: Doors open at 8am, so we recommend arriving around this time to get the most interaction with attendees. This is the official start of the conference, when sponsors tables will need to be staffed. The conference will run until around 5pm.

How do I get my free tickets?

You should have received a unique URL with a discount code for your free sponsorship tickets. We are happy to send it over again, just ask!

What happens with my swag items?

We will have a few “swag tables” that are placed around the back of the main ballroom. This will be where sponsor and community stickers & swag will be located, so that attendees are free to pick it up. If you have a booth, you are also welcome to place swag on the booth.

What are the table sizes? What is included?

The small sponsorship table is a 6’ table, and the large is two 6’ tables. These are not standard conference expo halls, but in the main conference venue, so please don’t bring anything that will need to be hung or expand more than 2 feet beyond the edge of your area. Wifi & Power will be provided.

How do I ship items?

Prior to the event, if you’d like to ship swag, we will send you the mailing address 3 weeks prior to the event. We can’t receive packages before that. Anything sent to us will be available at the venue on the day of the event.