Announcing our 2021 donation matching campaign

We’re proud to announce the second round of our $1,500 matching campaign to support social justice in our communities. Last year we directed donations to the Black community, and this year we’re expanding that aim to focus on the wider BIPOC community. We want it to be clear that we support and care about the members of our community, and to show this through our words and our actions as an organization.

We want to continue to make a difference globally in our work, and also encourage Write the Docs members to engage with local organizations in their region. Based on our Portland conference, we’re suggesting three Oregon charities we believe are doing important work. That said, you can also donate to a charity local to you doing similar outreach.

The three Oregon charities we’re highlighting are:

We will match donations to these organizations and others that are supporting similar efforts, up to a total of $1,500. Please forward receipts to us at with the title “Matching Donation” or similar. In the next couple months, we will post another blog post with the results of these donations, similar to last year.

We’d also like to thank all those in our community who are doing the work to make BIPOC members feel welcome and included. This includes hosting a BIPOC unconference at our Portland conference, a #bipoc channel on our Slack network, and the links shared recently in our newsletter.

We hope that these actions move us all towards a more just world, and we appreciate everyone in the community who works with us towards these goals.