Git the Docs: A fun, hands-on introduction to version control

Git the Docs: A fun, hands-on introduction to version control

Workshop host: Becky Todd

Learning Git for the first time can be intimidating, especially for non-developers. When I first learned Git, I did it the hard way (mostly using internet searches and StackOverflow). And I hated it. It was confusing, and it seemed like a necessary evil. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning Git can be fun!

This hands-on workshop will teach you how to use a Git-based workflow for writing documentation. Together, we’ll walk through some tricky Git concepts, breaking each down into easy-to-understand pieces. By the end of the session, you’ll have gained confidence with:

  • Using the Git workflow day-to-day
  • Managing pull requests like a pro
  • Handling a basic merge conflict
  • Fixing mistakes


  • Date & Time: TBA.
  • Location: Water Police Court.
  • Find out more: About the Venue


To get the most out of this workshop, you’ll need to bring a computer capable of connecting to wifi. Attendees will receive setup instructions prior to the workshop that cover how to install and configure Git.

Cost (none)

The workshop fee is included in your conference admission. There is no extra charge for the workshop.

Who’s welcome

All conference attendees are welcome! The workshop is intended for people who want to understand the basic principles and techniques of using Git for their documentation.