Workshop: Tech Writing 101

Workshop: Tech Writing 101

As part of the Write the Docs Australia 2019 conference, we’re running a two-hour workshop on the principles and techniques of technical writing.

Tech Writing 101 is a class developed by tech writers at Google to train engineers and others in the principles of effective technical writing. Everyone at Write the Docs Australia Conference 2019 is welcome. For tech writers and others, the class offers an interactive, discussion-filled approach to learning tech writing patterns.

Tech Writing 101 consists of two parts:

  • Pre-work that you should read before the class. Don’t be put off! The pre-work is full of interesting patterns and points for discussion:
  • A two-hour workshop at Write the Docs Australia 2019, where you integrate the principles from the pre-work into your writing practices. The interactive format of this class has proved to be an effective way of learning the material. And it’s fun!

Training the trainers: Google is planning to make the material available for tech writers all over the world who want to run the workshop. You can take part in the workshop purely as a participant, or you can have a dual purpose in mind: take part in the workshop and at the same time observe the facilitator and assistants, with a view to running the workshop yourself sometime in the future.

Your workshop hosts are three tech writers from Google:


  • Date & Time: Friday, 15th November 2019, at 14:45-16:45.
  • Location: Water Police Court.
  • Find out more: About the Venue


  • Read through the prework, so that you can enjoy discussing it during the class:
  • Bring a laptop with WiFi capabilities. (A laptop is not essential, but it makes things easier. During the workshop you’ll write some short pieces and review the work of other participants. Having a keyboard and editing facilities helps.)

Cost (none)

The workshop fee is included in your conference admission. There is no extra charge for the workshop.

Who’s welcome

All conference attendees are welcome! The workshop is intended for people who want to understand the basic principles and techniques of technical writing. The workshop material is tailored for engineers, and is suitable for new technical writers, editors, UX designers, and anyone else interested in technical communication.

Experienced technical writers are sure to enjoy the content too, both as a refresher and as a reminder of how debatable technical language can be.

The workshop format is highly discursive and entertaining. You’ll find yourself debating the principles as you apply them. The material is designed to stimulate such discussions.