September 18 - 20 in Prague, Czech Republic

Code of Conduct Transparency Report

As you know, Write the Docs is an inclusive, friendly, and welcoming community to all documentarians. As a part of our ongoing efforts to promote safe spaces in the tech fields, we:

  • explicitly required all attendees, speakers, and sponsors, to adhere to our Code of Conduct during registration to the conference.
  • posted printed signs with the summary of the Code of Conduct in multiple locations in the venues.
  • assigned staff members to act as contacts for any reports that the attendees might have.
  • reminded our attendees during each major announcement, both to follow the CoC and to report anything that might occur to us, whether it is via Slack, email, phone, or in person.


Following the conference, here is an anonymized list of CoC-related incidents that occurred during the conference:

  • During the Writing Day pitch round, an attendee used a generalization term when referring to another attendee, and this generalization term is considered derogatory to some groups. At the request of the reporters, the CoC discussed this with the attendee who made the statement and a private apology was relayed back to the reporters.
  • One of the talks contained a slide that included an inappropriate joke towards a certain user group. The speaker was asked to remove the slide from the published deck.

As we already mentioned, this report is anonymized and published for the sake of maintaining transparency, and to encourage folks in our community to report incidents that might disrupt the atmosphere we are passionate about.


We’d like to thank the Django community, who has been pioneering such efforts, for example in the last DjangoCon Europe, their dedication to inclusive, safe spaces in tech communities and events is an inspiration to us, and we hope to see similar efforts in other communities.