Conference highlights and thanks to the community!

Conference highlights and thanks to the community!

Hey everyone,

The Write the Docs team is now emerging from the post-conference recovery period, and we wanted to send out a quick message to thank everyone for helping to make our 1st online conference such a success. We’re happy to share some of the highlights with you.

Conference recap

At over 600 people this year’s conference was our biggest yet! We had the usual mix of main stage and lightning talks, unconference sessions, writing sprints, and social events. We were very happy with how well all of our events transitioned to our new online format. We loved how the spirit of the community was so palpable even in an online event, which was even more special given the year we’ve all had.

Overall, we were excited with how our awesome community come together in our new venue. Lots of knowledge was shared, and we had a great time.


Videos of the talks are now available on our YouTube playlist. Sadly, the Monday afternoon talks had an issue with the Q&A not being recorded, so we weren’t able to add those to the videos. We think we know what happened with it, and hopefully we’ve addressed this issue going forward.

Thanks to Bart at Work for doing such a great job with these. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any future content!

Shirts still on sale

If you want a souvenir from this year’s conference, our Write the Docs Portland 2020 Pop-Up Shop is still open! We have loose and fitted options from different fabrics, and you can choose exactly the size and cut you want.

The campaign will run in 3-day batches until August 30th. Shipping is available from the USA or Europe.

Code of Conduct transparency report

As with any Write the Docs event, this conference was covered by our community Code of Conduct. We aim to be as transparent with CoC incidents and enforcement as we can.

To ensure that our CoC was visible and accessible, we took a number of specific steps:

  • Every participant agreed to the Code of Conduct in advance during registration.
  • The CoC, or a summary, was included on the conference website and Hopin Reception
  • The CoC was repeatedly mentioned in our conference introduction and announcements.
  • We specifically stressed that the CoC applies to all conference spaces including the social event.
  • We encouraged all attendees to report any incident, even if they were not sure whether it was a violation.

None of our organizers were approached about any CoC concerns at this event. We know that this is, in part, a reflection of the thoughtful and inclusive community that we’re so lucky to have.

That being said, we’re also very conscious of the fact that just because nothing was reported doesn’t mean nothing happened. If there was any personal conduct or other aspect of the conference experience that did not meet the expectations of behavior set out in the CoC, please email us at

Ready for more?

Don’t forget our Prague conference in October, and our Australia+India conference in December. Tickets are on sale for Prague. The call for talk proposals for the Australia conference is still open, and ticket sales are open.

Our Prague and Australia+India conferences are also virtual this year, so you can attend or present from anywhere. They take place during the day in the CEST and AEDT time zones, respectively.

Our Slack network has expanded yet again this year. Our #general Slack channel has been extra busy in the days and weeks leading up to the conference, and we hope that y’all continue the conversations throughout the year. If you haven’t joined, now’s the time! Check out the Write the Docs Slack.

We’re also looking for more sponsors to make our other events just as magical as this year’s Portland event. You can see all our sponsorship options on our website.

Thanks again

We’re so grateful to our sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees for making this conference possible. Whether you were able to come out this time or not, we hope to see you again next year – or even sooner at one of our other events!