Call for Proposals Closing Soon, Diversity Tickets Available

Call for Proposals Closing Soon, Diversity Tickets Available

Greetings, fellow documentarians in Europe and beyond! In this post we’re happy to announce our diversity tickets initiative and remind you that the call for proposals is about to close, so if you want to submit your proposal now is the time.

Tickets are selling and we’re happy to see so many of our documentarian friends on the attendee list already! Check out the Tickets page for pricing and other details. Last year we sold out at 280 attendees, and due to venue capacity we are only able to increase our available tickets to 300, to help our attendees feel comfortable in this beautiful venue.

Submit your talk by 30th April

Thank you so much to all who submitted their proposals so far! Our Call for Proposals is open until Midnight CET, 30th April 2019. Make sure to get your talk in before the deadline!

The Call for Proposals page has tips and examples to help inspire you. And if you have an idea but aren’t sure what to do with it, feel free to ask for feedback on Slack. Your fellow documentarians will be happy to help!

Speaking at Write the Docs is a fantastic way to share your ideas with our inspiring community of documentarians. If there is something you’d really like to see a talk on this year, submit a proposal on it, or refer someone else who would be a good speaker!

Diversity tickets initiative

Write the Docs aims to continuously expand our community to be more diverse, welcoming, and inclusive.

Following the success of the Portland initiative, we’re happy to open applications for diversity tickets for our Prague conference in collaboration with, a wonderful non-profit organization that shares qualifying events with various diversity organizations, and helps folks from underrepresented groups find events to attend.

For more information and to apply, head over to the Event page. Diversity scholarship tickets are free, and we hope to welcome more people from all walks of life to join our community. The deadline for applications is 7th July, 2019.

Please share this campaign with your social networks and encourage folks to apply if they are interested to join us!

Support the community

We are so grateful to have our sponsors help in bringing these events to life every year. Want to support our community? Head over to our sponsorship prospectus for details on how your company can get involved! We have several types of sponsorship available, including tables at the job fair that we’ll be hosting on Tuesday.

More news soon

With the Portland conference only a few short weeks away, and the new Vilnius event following shortly after, we have a lot of wonderful work ahead of us before the summer.

Stay tuned for news about the full presentation list for both our European events very soon!