Announcing Speakers and Talks

Announcing Speakers and Talks

Greetings, fellow documentarians! We’re writing today with an update on the fast-approaching Vilnius event, and we’re very excited to announce the speakers and talks for the event.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to send us a proposal – we literally wouldn’t have an event without you!

We also have some info about ticket purchasing (now’s the time!), trip planning (Vilnius is beautiful!), and Writing Day (start thinking about projects!).

Full speaker line-up

Our events bring a wide range of voices to the Write the Docs stage. Because the role of “documentarian” looks so different to each of us, we aim for a line-up that spans a good mix of practical, philosophical, and technical topics – with the odd whimsical one thrown in for good measure.

We’re really excited about the presentations we’ve got for this first-year event, and we hope you are too!

  • Małgorzata Trojanowska – Technically you can: creating technical content for all audiences
  • Elina McCafferty – How to turn a freight ship around when all you have is a paddle
  • Hadas Khen – OMG, it’s “Error 5”!
  • Anna Iosif – How do we know our documentation makes sense?
  • Filipe Mendes – The Legend of Documentation: A markdown to the past
  • Chris Ward – Decentralised Documentation - Defining standards for an ecosystem

Head over to the Speakers page to see the full abstracts. We believe there’s something there for everyone to enjoy, and also something that will broaden your horizons a bit.

Tickets are going fast!

If you don’t have your ticket yet, now’s a great time to snap one up. Conference tickets have already been going quickly, and we have a limited capacity, so if you’re considering attending: register now!

Buy your tickets here!

Plan your trip

In the final weeks leading up to the event, we’ll be announcing more details about the conference events, including the full schedule, writing day, and social event on Sunday.

We invite you to check out the Visit Vilnius page on the conference website, and the local team is happy to answer your questions in the #wtd-conferences channel on Slack.

Start thinking about Writing Day

The Writing Day will happen on Sunday at the main conference venue.

If you have a project or are part of a community that you think would benefit from a writing sprint, start brainstorming now about what you might want to focus on.

If you’d like us to include your project on the Writing Day page, drop us an email at Or just show up on Sunday ready to introduce your project!

We hope you’re all getting as excited as we are, see you soon in Vilnius!

The Write the Docs Team