When we created Write the Docs, we believed there was a missing term for someone who cares about documentation. It shouldn’t be a job title, but an independent identity. We started using the word documentarian to describe this type of person:

A documentarian is someone who cares about documentation and communication in the software industry, regardless of job title.

Expanding the meaning of documentarian to include folks of any job title is important. Historically, people writing documentation might be called either a tech writer or a programmer, but there wasn’t a name for someone who cares about communication and documentation. We hope to change this.

Join us:

  • If you’re a programmer who loves writing docs, you’re a documentarian
  • If you’re a tech writer and you appreciate usage of the precise word to convey a nuanced idea, you’re a documentarian
  • If you’re a salesperson and documentation is a fundamental part of the sales process for your product, you’re a documentarian
  • If you’re a support person and you love that documentation helps your users, you’re a documentarian
  • If you are a user of software and rejoice when there are instructions that help you, you’re a documentarian

We hope that you’ll join us in embracing this identity within our industry. Being able to take pride in documentation and communication as part of your identity is a way to make sure we build a more empathetic and welcoming community.