Sphinx themes

These are the Sphinx themes that we recommend. If there are any others you like, feel free to open a pull request to add them.

Requirements to be included on this list:

  • Mobile Ready
  • Nice fonts and typography
  • Installable as a Python module
  • Maintained and documented

Read the Docs theme

The official theme for Read the Docs. It features beautiful typography and a nice blue color scheme. It looks great on mobile, and provides a menu of all the pages on the left-hand side.



Based off the original Flask and KR themes, this is a more extensible version of the prior. It is what this site uses, and provides very minimal markup. It’s great for text content where you just want to make the words front and center.


Sphinx Bootstrap theme

A basic Sphinx theme that uses Bootstrap for nice styling. It is a great start for any site that uses Bootstrap, or just wants a simple good looking theme.


Guzzle theme

Originally built for Guzzle (PHP HTTP client), this theme is another mobile friendly alternative with nice colors.


Documatt theme

Mobile friendly Sphinx theme designed to provide great documentation reading experience with beautiful typography.

This theme is default theme of Documatt Techwriter at work blog but you are welcome to use it with any Sphinx project.


Furo theme

Originally built for the pip documentation, this mobile friendly theme is minimal but customizable and has carefully designed navigation features (sidebar, inter-page links).